Asociatie Germană care lupta pentru drepturile animalelor a trimis e-mail de protest catre
Prefectul Mihai Cristian Atanasoaei siSenatorul Iulian Urban punandu-ma drept expeditor...Friday, December 10, 2010 6:32 PM

Outcry  from  Romania

Petition to:
Prefect Mr. Mihai Cristian Atanasoaei;
Senator Iulian Urban;
Romania Municipalities Association (Bruxelles)

Dear Madam or Sir,

with big dismay all members of the European Union follow the present
discussion concerning the plan to take up the killing of stray dogs again or to
intern them into huge camps.

During an interview on February 3rd 2010 Mr. Mihai Atanasoaei, prefect of
Bucharest, proposed to lift the ban on killing stray dogs again. As a
reason he stated that the mayor and the residents felt equally annoyed by the strays.
After massive protests by internet, on 8th February he declared his
intention to comply with the law and to refrain from killing the dogs. Instead he
proposed to put them into shelters because '... the European legislation prohibits
euthanasia except for animals with incurable diseases.' It is impossible
to keep tens of thousands of dogs like that - these camps would be most gruesome
extermination camps!

Since the 15th of January 2008 the killing of stray dogs is prohibited
by law!

This ban was welcomed throughout Europe and has not at all damaged the
reputation of the Romanian government - quite the opposite: The
willingness of this young member of the EU to overtake responsibility and its
humanity were internationally acknowledged.

And now this step back towards barbarism Will Romania become a country
again,in which dogs are hunted, caught, tortured and slaughtered? Long ago
scientific studies submitted in Brussels have produced proof that neutering is
the only lasting solution in reducing the population of strays. For years numerous
international animal welfare organizations have assisted you, funding and
performing neutering campaigns on stray dogs. The majority of the population
supports these actions and has made clear how important they consider the
wellbeing of stray dogs.

We demand that you refrain from the planned mass killing of stray dogs
as well as from the dog camps under discussion! Please help law nr. 912 - which is
blocked since 2 years by the Committee of public administration,
planning and environmental balance of the Chamber of Deputies - to achieve the final
legal status!

Europe is expecting this urgently!

Moreover, we ask you to cooperate with animal welfare organizations in
order to perform appropriate neutering projects which have proven successful in other
countries. These projects might receive funding by the Animal Health
in Brussels.

But the slaughter of stray dogs would raise indignation and detestation throughout

Let us create a modern and humane Europe!

With kind regards,

Mr. Caloianu Lucian Mihai